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About Me

Tunde is a professionally trained estate surveyor who, early on in his estate career, chose to chart a course for himself in his hobby of football rather than his profession.

Whilst he did not make the grade as a first class football player, he chose to transform his pitfalls into positivity and that is what he has been doing throughout his career, while imparting his knowledge and advice to people from all facets of life.

He has always been determined to make a mark in football, despite not being able to professionally play the game itself.

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New Book - Life's Journey From Dreamland

A book that reflects on how dreams start, and the transitional steps that every individual goes through to attain realisation of their dreams.

An example of an aspiring footballer, how it all started, and how differently it could all end but with a firm focus on the initial dream, the interest, the passion and the making of the person.

Here's How Tunde Can Help

To give you the energy and impetus you need to go into the next project, that conference or a career path


30 years in football and he has seen enough to prove to you that life itself is like a football game.


It will inspire you; it will motivate you; it will energise you and you’ll end up feeling positive.


To give you the boost you need; To show you that you are human and your thoughts are normal.


If you want to try and let someone see your challenges and life’s journey from a football lens, then have a Tunde Talk.

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LATEST FROM MY BLOG - It is not the challenges you face. But how you position yourself to overcome them.