by Ayo Tunde
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So it happened that in England, we had a return of football fans to our stadia last weekend. It was refreshing to see that we can now start to watch live football again. It was nice to hear the chants of fans at football grounds again.

Most of all, in a week that also saw the introduction of a vaccine that will see to the end of this horrible virus that has crippled the year for many, it was a welcome sign that we are indeed fighting back, and are in the path back to normalcy.

Amid the refreshing news though, was a dark blob. With the return of fans came a menace that we wish and pray we can find a vaccine for – racism. And that small blob….ruined what would have been a perfect weekend, and a perfect return of true fan-followed football in England.

Another menace that has stayed with us for so long….re-enacted again at Milwall Football Club; and, now, just yesterday, showing its head again not just amongst fans but also by a match official – a referee in Paris!

We do need a proper vaccine to rid the world of racism.

But we will not relent. Because we have people who listen, and will stay on our side till the desired objective is realised.

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