Africa Day is the day earmarked for the commemoration of the establishment of the Organisation of African Unity in 1963.

Today (25 May 2020) marks 57 years since this happened. And the narrative when it was being set up by the founding fathers of the continent – leaders like Ethiopia’s Halle Selasie, Ghana’s Kwabena Nkrumah among others – was first to foster unity amongst the African people, and to improve the living standards of the people of the continent…and to save Africa from colonialism.

And we really need to ask – how much of these objectives have we realised in 57 years?

Is Africa truly united? Is the standard of living in Africa better? And are we really rid of colonialism?

I will say no to theses questions.

But I would love your comments and opinion….I’m actually hoping people will tell me ‘Tunde you’re wrong, Africa is actually going great and maybe your world of football is the only sector lagging behind and every other thing is hunky-dory’. But I don’t think there will be many who will agree with that line or thinking.

Because we are not united in Africa, and the standard of living in the continent is still really bad.

And we have a lot of work to do – work in restoring the self respect we should have for ourselves on that continent. Because if we can’t respect ourselves, how can we expect others from outside to respect us?

As we mark Africa Day today, let us pay less lip service to grandiose statements and claims, where we talk a lot about things we never go out to practice…and let us reflect; reflect on how we can make Africa great and use to good effect the natural resources that the continent has, for the benefit of progress and development. Let us reflect on how we can reward merit and excellence at the expense of sentiments and racial divide.

Let TundeTalks guide us to embrace a motto that says ‘LUBRICATE THE ENGINE OF POTENTIAL IN AFRICA….FOR THE GOOD OF AFRICA.

Please enjoy the video…..and I will be grateful for your comments. #TundeTalks