by Ayo Tunde
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We are being dealt with severely by this virus. It has ruined the year for most of us. And it doesn’t seem to be getting any better anywhere. Nations’ economies are staging a brutal fightback at the expense of further spread of the virus. But drastic measures are being taken and one can not say we don’t see why.

Industries are shutting down and the situation remains bleak for many.

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Football is struggling. Really struggling. We can not be fooled by the big figures in the transfer market. It is only the big clubs that are doing it. And even those big clubs are restricted only to one or two countries in Europe.

And this brings us to wonder what will become of the young football generation in dear continent Africa. The youth of Africa are taking a massive hit by this thing. And while governments and big bodies are seemingly looking out for each other, there are some who will ever benefit from all forms of largesse and palliative, and those are the ones we should be concerned about the most – the young generation of Africans.

We need to preserve the future.

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