by Ayo Tunde
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Many of us go into new ventures, new things, new periods thinking we are indeed ready to make a fresh start, and we set goals based on this premise. We work on ourselves and believe this is the time – the right time – to make this or that move.

And we are all primed up for this fresh start. Only that we are hindered, many times unknowingly, by the things we carry from the past.

While it is good the take actions and plan for the future based on our past, there are parts of that past that we should be prepared to leave behind – that part we label as ‘BAGGAGE’ so that we can progress.

As we go into this new year; especially as it is starting in as challenging as fashion as the one we just saw the back of; there is need to reflect and filter, and do what is the needful in relation to the baggage we carry from our past. #Goals #GoalSetting #TundeTalks

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