by Ayo Tunde
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Many times we find ourselves watching football games on tv, with pundits, analysts, reporters and commentators trying to decipher the formation of one team or the other. The most popular is 4-4-2.

Sometimes in a bid to look intelligent, whether we know it or not, we find 4-4-2 as the safest guess we can have when in the midst of friends and trying to lend a voice to discussions about the game.

4-4-2 is just a popular playing formation worldwide.

There is even a football magazine named after the formation, and has been going for many years in spite of the challenges of the present time.

But there is more to 4-4-2 than just the game of football, and just how close to our daily endeavour it is, is amazing.

We always believe that life in football, the science of football can easily apply and be applied to our everyday exploits.

Here is a classic example….and there is a challenge at the end of it, which you should take.

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