by Ayo Tunde
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There has been multinational outcry on the vicious killing of the black 46-year old George Floyd earlier this week, by a white police officer who displayed demonic traits in his actions, and yet required days of unrest, chaos and riots to get the authorities to bring criminal charges against the white police officer for an act that was really apparently a brutal murder.

The feeble but audible pleas of George Floyd saying ‘I can’t breathe’ has stayed in my head all week – a plea that this police officer ignored till he snuffed the life out of this helpless guy.

My video post below seeks to unravel what pushes people like Derek Chauvin, and many before him, and many like him, to be the way they are.

There is a common feature there. It is called Hate. Hatred of man against man. And I can’t but wonder….why do we hate? What does it do to us?

As you watch and digest this video, I appeal to us all, please reflect, and stop hating.

Your comments and thoughts will be most welcome. #TundeTalks

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