So, the Premier League in England joined the top leagues of Europe and returned in a different form after over three months of shutdown in the hands of this same COVID-19, and it feels different. We have had a few weeks of an appetiser of how it will be, watching football in Germany return.

The inevitable happened, and Liverpool are crowned champions of the Premier League – their first title in 30 years. Some clubs are inching towards relegation while those chasing top four look to be stuttering towards their aim.

But here, apart from tongue-in-cheek comments which have since been surpassed with a rude bump back-to-earth by results since the filming, we look more closely at some of the direct effects of the no-fan, no-atmosphere return to football….in England, and it is not an all-bad report.

But we still really need our new normal to turn to the real normal, soon. Enough of this COVID-19 now. We want our lives back.