Set Your Goals

by Ayo Tunde
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We all set goals in life. Do you wake up each morning and set yourself a target? Or do you wake up and take what comes? Both are good. And you can achieve a lot with both approaches. However, when you do set a goal, make sure you go about it with two objectives: not to destroy yourself along the way; but most importantly, not to try and destroy others in achieving your target. Because you might find that the one you destroy (or try to) might turn pivotal in your pursuit of the set target for yourself.

Self destruct is bad. But destroying others is worse.

Ask yourself: what is my goal? When you want to act, ask – what is the aim? What will I achieve? Is it good for me? Is it good for others? Will I harm others? Will I harm myself?

Set your goals. And be sure that you keep a positive mindset in all ways. You will get there.

Our lives can be seen like a football match. Fancy going into a football game everyday. How do we approach a game? You want to win. So you set out to attack….the objective being to score more goals than you concede.

Some teams go all defensive, sitting back and soaking pressure. Bad move if you want to approach life always on the defensive. So the approach is to go all out, positively attacking at all times. Now that is the approach we need.

Be positive. Be bullish. Be on the attack at all times, believing that you can achieve your goal however hard it may be. Take time to strategise on how to navigate towards success. When it’s not going too well, retreat momentarily and examine what you’re doing. Then go again.

Sometimes, like a team that puts everything in and still loses, what you need to get started again is a self-assurance that you gave it your all. Not because you had to but because you give yourself no choice than to give your best. It inspires you to start again the next day and go again.

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