Many of us go into life’s endeavours hoping for success. However it is going, we tend to want to use words to express emotion as we go along. And I have come to realise the importance of the letter F in our daily reaches for success.

Some of us….in fact many of us abhor the use of THE F word that is known to many. But I really want you to still tune your mind to the words that can guide you to success, and still start with the letter F.

Let’s talk F… your path to success.

First you want to adopt a strategy of Fixed and Flexible. Two words that mean almost the opposite but are used in one and the same phrase.

Ok so let’s take a look at my football example.

When you set out in a season, or for a tournament or for each football match, you set an ultimate goal. And that is to win. To win the league. To win the tournament. To win this particular match. Your aim is fixed. Your objective is known.

But then half way through, you find it is not going to plan. What do you do? You pull your team together and you work on areas where it is not going right. You have firm belief in your team’s ability so you tweak a few things and send them back out there.

What have you done? You have fiddled with the team….gave room for flexibility to address areas where your fixed objective was under threat. You come out winning, and well, you have used the F words well. You stick to the same line/strategy and rather, your objective is F****d. Wrong use of the letter.

What am I saying here? Fixed is good….in your objective, but Flexible is also good. A willingness to adapt to small changes en route to achieving your objective. Which is why I will say ‘be Fixed in your resolve, but Flexible in your approach’.

A better use of words with the letter F, don’t you think?

So here are a few F words that will guide you to success.

Be Focussed in your execution. You want to succeed and you need focus to succeed. Don’t waver. Stay focussed.
Be Fair. Most things are a competition. In football, a side must win and one will therefore lose. In achieving sales targets at work, if you get it, it will have been at the expense of someone else. Life itself is a contest. But be fair, so that your conscience will be clear.

Please have some Fun. You’ve got to love what you do….and therefore you will enjoy your success. I love football. It is my hobby. And I make a living by it. So working is fun. And winning is even more fun for me.
Be Forgiving. Because you will come across people who want to bring you down. If you leave space in your heart for bitterness and hurt, those things are occupying spaces in you that positive progress would have taken. So forgive and let go. And go back to being focused.

I tell you what – success will come your way….just make friends with the right kind of F words and you’ll be just…..FINE (another F word)