by Ayo Tunde
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The game of football has many intrigues for those of us that work in it, live it and watch it all the time. The dynamics of the game, its predictable unpredictability always being a subject of major discussion worldwide.

To the uninitiated, it is a game of confusion. However, many can still bring themselves to understand that scoring goals is attack; letting in goals is a defence issue.

However, when we start talking midfield, we start to enter into uncharted territory with some people. It is a knotty subject and it does require patience and understanding to demonstrate how important a link the midfield is to the defence and attack strategies of a team, and to the ultimate outcome of a game.

How then does this talk of midfield relate to our struggles, our targets, our respective persons? We all have a midfield in us…..and just as the set-up of the football team’s midfield influences the outcome of games, so can our body’s midfield set-up determine our wins.

The K in KTA requires us to know where our body’s football midfield is, so we can determine how to strategise and act towards our wins.

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