The Return Of Football – Welcome To The ‘NEW NORMAL’

by Ayo Tunde

This weekend just gone, Germany became the centre of a case study by the rest of the world, as we all looked up to the Germans to see if football can indeed come back to our stadia, and to our football screens.

Germany was bold, and the Bundesliga made a somewhat successful return to our screens. The safety protocol was good, efficiently and methodically executed in typical German fashion.

The quality of the games was good too….it was like if they had never been away. And I’m sure millions enjoyed the fact that there is hope….not just for football, but for the world to return to some form of normalcy after a harrowing few months for everyone.

But something was missing….and it was something that makes us appreciate that yes there is hope, yes there is something called the ‘new normal’ but this missing something makes some of us reluctant to accept this as the ‘new normal’ and we would really want a ‘real normal’ to take effect sooner rather than later.

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Anozie Nnaemeka(MFR) 19th May 2020 - 12:58 pm

It will be foolhardy not to accept that our world has changed and may not be the same post covid pandemic.

The NEW normals may be temporary REAL normals in order to embraces the beautiful game of football.

Many things are changing in our football culture

1. The way we celebrate when we score

2. Absence of fan or full capacity stadia

3.No spitting on the field

4. 5 substitutions in a match to ease off burn out due to many matches being played with short recovery times.

These are few NEW normals which we have to live with as REAL normals for now as we gradually return back to our normal football very soon.

Just know that it will not be long all will be well, and the NEW and REAL normal will return to our
Transformed KNOWN normals.


Neji 19th May 2020 - 5:29 pm

It was a great weekend for the world of sports. We cant wait for the real normal to come back

Alhage F. Fatty 25th May 2020 - 11:54 am

Well it’s really sad to see the world in such global crsis, due covid19 however above all is the wellbeing for all not only the actors. Is goood to see football back in Germany ,while spain targets next month 8 and unfortunately my coountry cancelled all the leagues in, The Gambia following the government extension of Public emergency to another 21 days.


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