by Ayo Tunde
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Chasing one’s goals is always one that has to be taken with seriousness. But many times we tend to reduce the seriousness at a point where it is tinged with sentiment. We tend to look at people around us, and we decide that there is a certain way we want them to be – to support our goals. We are in a project team and we design in our minds, how we really want each team player to be.

In football, you have a coach who seems to believe he can get more of a player than he is getting. But because of the player’s stature, his price tag or whatever else, he decides to stick by the player.

It is the same in all endeavour, not only football. And even the individual on a one-man parade can also fall into the trap of sentimental decisions as a cloud over the path to success. Because sometimes we take on tasks that we do not really have control over, deploying our minds and bodies without proper self-consultation.

Sometimes ruthlessness can be painful, but if it goes one’s way in the end, then it is good. Many times, time will be the best judge. But as the commander of any ship, be it your personal ship or a group’s, you must steel yourself to make the decision that you think will lead you to your goals.

You must now proceed and chase your goals with the KTA formula well in sight. Your frank knowledge of yourself will guide you to make necessary tactics that might involve drastic and seemingly ruthless decisions

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