About Tunde

by Ayo Tunde

Tunde Adelakun is a professionally trained estate surveyor who, early on in his estate career, chose to chart a course for himself in his hobby of football rather than his profession. Whilst he did not make the grade as a first class football player, he chose to transform his pitfalls into positivity and that is what he has been doing throughout his career, while imparting his knowledge and advice to people from all facets of life. He has always been determined to make a mark in football, despite not being able to professionally play the game itself.

Tunde embarked on a journey into all corners of the football industry worldwide. It has been an eventful 25-year career that has spanned from football journalism to football marketing; football politics and lobbying to players’ welfare management, mentoring and coaching (at the highest levels of World Cup football).

As a journalist, he spent years working in:

BBC Sport (magazines, radio and television);
– CNN World Sport;
– ESPN America Sport;
– SuperSport South Africa;
– Gateway Television London.

In football politics and administration, he has worked with:

– The FA in England, as a campaign manager in the England 2018 World Cup Bid (which was unfortunately lost to Russia)
– The Confederation of African Football;
– (In training and personal development), The FA, The Professional Coaches Association in England and The League Managers Association.

Tunde is also Assistant Coach to the Nigeria national team who participated in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, and were the bronze medal winners at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

Tunde’s Talks will be centred around his 25 years on the football beat and relating his experiences with every aspect of corporate, political, independent and family life. It will be a strong passion-driven series of talks on all issues, and on the topic of multi-racial diversity and inclusion,

It is amazing how closely linked real-life experiences can be regardless of the sphere of society. Stay tuned to hear Tunde Talk.

Tunde Adelakun