Tunde The Speaker

by Ayo Tunde
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My main focus is sport. I’m a foreign-trained chartered surveyor who decided to make a living from a hobby rather than my trained background. Therefore, I’m someone who has seen it all. I worked in sports journalism for 20 years; anchoring television programmes, reporting and running a sports magazine. I took a break from journalism and went into the politics of the game of football, assisting as a Campaign Manager for the England 2018 World Cup bid. I was also involved in the politics of the game at international level. I currently work as a coach, head scout and mental strength coach of a national football team. I speak daily to people, motivating them, giving them strength and confidence in whatever endeavour they are about to embark on. I give team motivation talks ahead of important games. I use my life and my learnings to impart knowledge and experience to people. I am a positive thinker, and a driver of positivity.


I like to give my listeners hope and belief. I spread positivity. I have talked to teams in football, encouraging them to go into whatever assignment with a clear belief that they can succeed. I speak to aspiring students and pupils on the importance of self-belief.

I have had a diverse life, in the sense that I’ve tried my hands at many things to get to where I am. Listening to how I got there, the journey as well as how my mind was working when I was deciding on them….has served as inspiration to many who have benefitted from my talks to date.

I motivate. I inspire. I allow people to see positives always, however bleak it looks.

As a speaker pre-conference or pre-seminar, I inject a spirit in participants that makes them want to give their best in the main event. As a wrap-up speaker after an event, I give satisfaction and belief to participants that they have done well and can do more.


Bringing a varying perspective into the issue of race relations, ethnicity and diversity in the society. The talk of racism is growing in the world that we live in, and rather than focus on the fundamental issues, and giving a true meaning to the acts, we have spent years engaging in people who claim to be victims of abuse. I have spent a lot of time trying to douse these feelings and talking about race relations, accepting the diverse world that we now occupy and how to make the most of what we are.

I am committed to this. Race and abuse have no place in society, but we must also be mentally prepared for some hard facts, and these facts are what I attempt to impart on my audience when the need arises.


I have given many an audience a perspective on leadership – as a manager in a two-man shop, or as managers of bigger organisations. The traits of a good leader are a basic prelude to success, and I have given this to people. What makes a good leader? Who wants to be a leader? And in each person, can we not be leaders of our own being? I have sought to give answers to these questions in corporate gatherings, in sports groups and to individuals. Personal development, embracing the art of being an individual leader is also a great prerequisite for collective success. I have done this – giving talks to potential and current leaders in the past. I want to do more of the same.

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