by Ayo Tunde
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The mind has a funny way of dealing with situations. Many times, we subconsciously take one look at a project in front of us, and we decide how much effort we want to put into it. Some are subconsciously deemed too small to give everything to. While to the mind, others are the ‘big ones’ and no effort can be spared in giving everything to.

The problem though, is how to determine what is a big one against what is not a big one. And that is where we mostly allow our minds to guide us. When the mind guides, the body reacts, and many times, reacts accordingly.

Many times we see people who are great at what they do, apply themselves well at starting stages, and when it gets to the crucial point, they falter, because their mind is not dealing with the magnitude of the project, and they crumble when the stage is big.

But to many successful people, every project is the same. They turn up and do what they need to do, put as much energy into the small, as well as the big ones. They see every situation as a ‘final’ and their preparation and application is the same.

This is where we need to be. At a mindset point where we are able to turn up and deliver at all times, and making every situation one that truly matters to us all.

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