Using Finger Pointing Positively

by Ayo Tunde
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I quite like this phrase ‘when the going gets tough, the finger comes out’. I don’t know if it has been used before, but it has a nice ring to it.

But is it not true, though, that most of us indeed readily pull out the finger anytime things get rough. OK not the rude finger, but the other finger – the one I call ‘the blame finger’.

We find it so easy to point the blame at people and rain abuse and insults at our perceived culprit. The abuse-slinging and insult throwing continues for so long – much longer than it should, really.

In my video below, I give the illustration of how, as a football operative (fan, player, coach or couch potato in front of TV), it is common sight to see, when one’s beloved club lets in a goal, and you see the players of your team looking dejected. They are there wondering how that slick striker managed to breach them and score the goal.

But one common feature that you would see is that each of them is pointing! The defenders are pointing at each other asking unspoken questions. The goalkeeper is pointing at his defenders. Everyone is pointing, while the other team celebrates.

In every sector we belong in, it is common that when it is not going to plan, we tend to point the finger and blame it on someone.

In the situation we are in, it is a web of fingers. The people and health workers are frustrated and are asking questions of government. Governments are pointing at other governments. Some governments are blaming global organizations. Organisations are pointing at certain individuals and countries. A sad web of fingers.

And like I said, I just want to shout at everyone and say – PLEASE STOP!

Can we not channel the energy we expend on blaming and insulting and abusing to coming together to work on finding a solution – proffering suggested solutions, or just playing our part in co-operating POSITIVELY to finding solutions?

In anything we do, can we try and…yes, we can ask questions and hold people responsible and accountable…but also use our energy positively and point our fingers in the right direction? Can we work together towards a common goal – which is to find solutions?

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