by Ayo Tunde
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Life can be unfair sometimes….in fact, most times. Many times you go through a situation and have to play it back, either in your head, or visually.. and you tend to find that, most times, the time it takes to review the good bits of your story goes very quickly. It’s almost as if the good part never happened.

Meanwhile when your attention is being called to the parts that were not so good, it takes so much longer. When you play it back, it all looks like it is constantly in slow-mo. When it is being analysed, people seem to go on and on recounting the events. It just seems to always take forever to go over bad bits.

Try being in a football team that that had a bad result.

But it is the same with all spheres of life. And we need to have the mindset that will see us embrace the realisation that we do need to assess all parts of our negative side so that in the future, we can work towards reducing and cutting down on the length of what we review because we are consciously making less mistakes and blunders that we will have to watch and replay.

It is simple, it is in the mindset.

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