by Ayo Tunde
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We look at ourselves over a period, after a project, a presentation, or a meeting….and sometimes the question arises. We wonder why our best efforts are not rewarded. As teams in our respective endeavour, we wonder. As individuals, we do a self-search and wonder as well.

Why is it not going right?

It is not uncommon, nor is it a bad thing. As a matter of fact, if you take time to actually ask yourself why you are not effective at achieving your targets and reaching your goals – individually or collectively – it is because you care. And no one should knock you for caring.

You want to deliver. You want to be accomplished. You want to succeed. And that is why you care when it is not going right.

It is the start of the second month of a new year. We might have looked back on that first month, hoping to have reached more than we actually got to. Many reasons for why it may not be so.

But we have to start from somewhere. What were the goals we set ourselves? We must go back to those goals. We must go back to check on how feasible, realistic and workable the goals we set were.

Then we must embrace KTA as a formula. It embraces and encompasses everything. But there is more. After KTA, there is more.

KTA is like a broth. Sounds nice, but can only taste nice if mixed with a particular ingredient or two.

We uncover one of those ingredients here.

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